A Summer to Remember

It’s the perfect season on Summer Island: the time for beaches, ice cream, bike rides and second chances…

Trent Fordham thought he’d left Summer Island behind for good. But when he inherits his parents’ vacation home—the one he’d assumed was sold long ago—he finds himself stepping right back into his past.

Allie Hobbs is having a quiet afternoon in her cottage when a sudden storm leads a stranded cyclist to her front door. She’s expecting anyone but Trent Fordham, the man who broke her heart eight years ago and left her to pick up the pieces. And even more shocking? He claims she broke his heart!

Trent has responsibilities on the mainland, but the more time he spends on the island, the more he feels compelled to stay. And then there’s Allie. Does she belong in a past left buried, or will this be the summer everything changes?

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A Summer Island prequel

A Summer Island prequel

Available July 1, 2019

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A Note from Toni

When my publisher asked me to write a prequel to the Summer Island series, I had no idea where to begin.  My stories are all born organically – they bubble up inside me from some mysterious place and they generally live and develop inside me for awhile before I write them.  So this one had to bubble and develop faster than usual – but I’m so very happy with how it turned out.  Once I understood who Trent and Allie were and what they’d been through before the story even started, their journey took on a life of its own, and spilled from me effortlessly.  Readers will get to see more of them in the other Summer Island books, which makes this an extra fun place to start your visit to Summer Island.  My favorite part of this story:  kites.  Somehow, without planning, kites ended up playing a very large role, wafting above Summer Island in a blue sky, and – before I knew it – delivering unexpected declarations of love.  I hope you will enjoy this introduction to Summer Island and all of its idyllic wonders.  

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