The Destiny Series

Character Profiles

Mick Brody
Age at the time of One Reckless Summer: 34
Hair: Dark, thick and needs a trim
Eyes: Blue
Tattoos: Skull and crossbones on his arm
Education: Destiny High School
Occupation: Bricklayer and stonemason
Residence: The Brody Cabin on Blue Valley Lake
Hobbies: follows sports and plays a mean game of horseshoes
A consummate bad boy thanks to his difficult home life and wayward older brother, Mick knew he could never be worthy of a girl like Jenny. But now his problem isn't just staying away from her, it's keeping her from finding out the reason he's back in town…

Jenny Tolliver
Age at the time of One Reckless Summer: 31
Hair: Long, medium brown
Eyes: Green
Education: Destiny High School, Ohio University in Athens
Occupation: Middle school science teacher
Residence: The small yellow cottage on Blue Valley Lake that was her childhood home
Hobbies: Stargazing and all things related to astronomy and cosmology
Signature Dish: Lemon bars
Jenny grew up the daughter of the police chief, cheerleader, homecoming queen, and all-around good girl. Now she's divorced, back in Destiny, and ready to break away from everyone's expectations—which she does with gusto when she crosses paths with bad boy Mick Brody.

Mike Romo
Age at the time of Sugar Creek: 35
Hair: Dark and thick
Eyes: Brown
Education: Destiny High School, Southern Ohio Police Training Institute
Occupation: Destiny police officer
Residence: His family's old but well-kept house on a road outside town
Family: Brother to Lucky Romo
Hobbies: Captain of the softball team, fishing, generally enjoys sports
A by-the-book cop who makes protecting the residents of Destiny his top priority, Mike is still haunted by a family tragedy from his childhood. Thanks to an old family feud, a Farris is the last person he should be getting involved with. Especially one who has no respect for rules…

Rachel Farris
Age at the time of Sugar Creek: 32
Hair: Blond, in a shoulder-length, stylish cut
Eyes: Blue
Education: Destiny High School, DePaul University
Occupation: Advertising exec
Residence: Stylish apartment on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, but stays with Edna at the Farris Apple Orchard when she comes back to town
Hobbies: Travel—most recently to Italy—shopping, nightlife
Signature Dish: Her grandma Edna's apple pie
Rachel always felt she was cut out for more than Destiny and the dysfunctional Farris family, but when her grandmother needs help with the family apple orchard, Rachel can't ignore the call. Too wild to be hemmed in by small-town life, she expects to speed right back out of town until Officer Mike Romo makes her put on the brakes.

Tessa Sheridan
Age at the time of Whisper Falls: 32
Hair: Long brown/tawny, worn in a variety of styles
Eyes: Hazel
Education: Destiny High School, University of Cincinnati
Occupation: Once worked at a prestigious interior design firm in Cincinnati, now works part-time at Under the Covers bookstore while she tries to build a local interior design business
Residence: A peaceful cabin on Willow Creek Road 
Hobbies: flowers and gardening, reading, a fan of Ellen Degeneres's positive outlook
Signature Dish: pumpkin bread
Tessa had a successful life in Cincinnati until her struggle with Crohn's disease drove her back to Destiny. The serene small-town environment has done her a world of good, until a new neighbor with a loud motorcycle intrudes on her peaceful cabin. Tessa's ready to be more daring and grab on to life...and maybe she's found just the place to start.

Lucky Romo
Age at the time of Whisper Falls: 33
Hair: Long and dark
Eyes: Brown
Education: Destiny High School
Occupation: Owns a small custom motorcycle painting business
Residence: Small house in the woods on Whisper Falls Road
Family: Brother to Mike Romo
Hobbies: Motorcycles and hard rock music
Lucky grew up feeling overlooked, but now that he's back in town he doesn't want to be noticed, by either his family or the past he's been running from. But he can't seem to escape his beautiful neighbor...

Sue Ann Simpkins
Age at the time of Holly Lane: 33
Hair: Blond and shoulder-length
Eyes: Brown
Education: Destiny High School
Occupation: Works at Destiny Properties
Residence: Refurbished Victorian home on Holly Lane
Family: A daughter, Sophie
Signature Dish: Christmas cookies
Sue Ann's happy, carefree existence crumbles when her husband leaves her for another woman. All she wants now is to make it through the holidays and ensure her daughter, Sophie, has a great Christmas. But this holiday might just help her find a new side of herself and enrich her life in ways that weren't on her Christmas list.

Adam Becker
Age at the time of Holly Lane: 33
Hair: Dark and kempt
Eyes: Blue
Education: Destiny High School, Ohio State University
Occupation: Owns Becker Landscaping
Residence: Large wood and stone ranch he built outside town
Family: Twin sons, Jacob and Joey
Hobbies: Softball and other sports with friends
Adam Becker is used to everyone in Destiny seeing him as an upbeat, upstanding guy, but there's a secret behind his divorce that no one in town knows. His past mistakes combined with ruined holiday plans have made him a bit of a Scrooge lately, but a snowbound night with an old friend might be a start to recovering his holiday spirit.

Amy Bright
Age at the time of Willow Springs: 34
Hair: Strawberry blond and naturally curly
Eyes: Green
Education: Destiny High School
Occupation: Owns and operates Under the Covers bookstore
Residence: An apartment above the bookstore
Hobbies: Loves all things Jane Austen, reading, cats, and her friends
Signature Dish: Caramel brownies
Amy is the sweet and sincere owner of the town's bookstore, Under the Covers. She's also the town matchmaker, and has been especially vigilant at trying to set up her old friend Logan. But now Logan's asking to be set up with the new girl in town…

Logan Whitaker 
Age at the time of Willow Springs: 35
Hair: Dark blond, trim but sometimes messy
Eyes: Blue
Education: Destiny High School
Occupation: Destiny firefighter
Residence: Rents a small, green cottage on Blue Valley Lake
Hobbies: Softball and other sports, fishing and boating, secretly reads
Logan's never had any experience with serious relationships, and he's used to dodging Amy's matchmaking attempts. Until a sudden tragedy throws him for a loop and makes him question who he is and what he wants out of life.