The Destiny Series

Places of Interest


Under the Covers Bookstore
Destiny's bookstore, owned by Amy Bright. Located on Town Square, in a green building with cream trim and a back patio. The interior has overstuffed easy chairs, braided throw rugs, and the smell of books. There's always a resident cat on hand. The bookstore hosts a local book club and is also a meeting place for many, including Amy and her friends.

Dew Drop Inn
If you want a drink in Destiny, this is the place to get it. This slightly run-down bar on the outside of town is owned by the brash but wise and well-liked Anita Garey. It features pool tables, a jukebox, and a floor littered with peanut shells.

Dolly's Main Street Café
With a patio full of colorful umbrellas and a menu of hometown favorites, Dolly's is the perfect small-town café—and it even boasts free wifi. It's the perfect place to pour out your troubles to a friend over a piece of homemade pie.

Daisy Dress Shop
Also on the town square, the perfect place to pick up a dress for a Destiny garden party—or to order bridesmaids' dresses.

Whippy Dip
An ice cream stand on the edge of town that's a popular hangout after softball games and summer outings. Only open seasonally, but it serves other food as well.

Blue Valley Lake
This picturesque lake is lined with small pastel cottages on one side, where you'll find plenty of summer cookouts, sunbathing on docks, Adirondack chairs, canoes, and rowboats. The far side is steep, rocky, and wooded—and holds a few secrets.

Town Square
The quaint downtown of Destiny is lined by shops and businesses—including Under the Covers, Dolly's, the old Ambassador Theater, Destiny's police and fire stations, and Town Hall—and features a white gazebo and some park benches. Its also a home to many town events, such as the annual Christmas tree lighting.

Snow Valley
Campground and cabins that are part of Bear Lake State Park, near Destiny. Their cabin rentals are particularly popular over the holiday season.

Creekside Park
The park beside Sugar Creek that's home to many a Destiny event—including softball tournaments, an annual Easter egg hunt, and the summer fair. Also a great location for a touch football game.

Farris Apple Orchard
The family apple orchard sits alongside Sugar Creek and features a picturesque red barn and a stone bridge. A quaint white clapboard house is Edna Farris's home as well as the office for the orchard. Some of Destiny's earliest town drama took place here, starting a feud that has lasted for generations.

This biker bar in Crestview is owned by Duke Dawson and attracts a rougher clientele than you'll find at most Destiny locations—proof that not everyone in Destiny is sugary sweet and some residents have a dark side.