Half Moon Hill

You never know what Destiny has in store …

A rugged loner and ex-biker-gang member, Duke Dawson is looking for some peace and quiet while recovering from an accident. But when Anna Romo comes wandering through his woods and into his cabin, she completely rocks his world. The last thing he expected – or wanted – was to find himself hungering after a woman whose eyes held hurts even deeper than his own…

Running from a troubled past, Anna is building a new life in Destiny. When she first meets Duke, she's terrified— but something about him calls to her very soul. The hard-bodied rebel is soon helping her turn her new home into a bed and breakfast, and close quarters quickly lead them into her bed. Their passion is palpable – but can she convince a man who has turned his back on life to take the biggest leap of faith of all and fall in love?

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A Destiny Novel, book 6

A Destiny Novel, book 6

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A Note from Toni

Here are a few fun facts that I can share with you about the book:
Tessa’s brother, Jeremy, was originally supposed to be the hero.  I started planning that as early as Destiny Book 3, WHISPER FALLS.  But as the time to write it grew closer, something about it didn’t feel right.  I didn’t know Jeremy very well, after all.  But I did know Duke.  And readers had started writing to me and asking me to give Duke his own book.  You ask, I listen ; )  And he just seemed like a much better match for Anna in my mind – even if only because I knew instantly how much Anna’s brother Mike would dislike this ; )  I loved fleshing out both Anna and Duke as characters as I wrote this story, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision to make Duke her hero.

 I wrote this entire book in six weeks.  I’ve never ever even come close to writing a full length book that quickly before.  And it wasn’t because Iwanted to write it that fast – it was because I was running behind and had already asked for an extension on my deadline.  So writing quickly was a matter of necessity.  And I’ll add that I didn’t share this little time tidbit with my editor until after she told me she loved the book ; )  The fact is, I love it, too.  I was a little worried as I was writing so rapidly that, in the end, it wouldn’t make sense, wouldn’t feel well-plotted or well-thought-out.  But I really, truly am very proud of this book – I love the way both characters developed, I loved revisiting everyone in Destiny and moving their life stories forward as well, and I loved the depth of the emotions I got to explore in this story.

I adore the cover of this book!  But the fun fact is – on the original version, the title was hot pink.  And rather gorgeous, I must say.  But, sadly, I noticed that in thumbnail version on my computer screen, it was really difficult to read.  And given how many people buy books online these days, that was important.  So it changed and it’s still quite lovely.  A couple of further notes about the cover:  The swing on the cover came before the swing in the story ; )  I had the cover long before I’d actually written the book, but that gave me the opportunity to add a swing to the story, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how that part worked out.  And the butterflies.  I am a big fan of butterflies – in the summer, I spend quite a bit of time stalking and photographing them.  So when I first saw the butterflies on this cover, I was ecstatic.  And then they decided to add more butterflies.  So on the original cover, there were only two or three.  Now I count upwards of a dozen – which doesn’t feel completely realistic to me, but is still quite beautiful.  And I love having a cover with one of my favorite things on it!

Reviews for Half Moon Hill

"You know you can expect two things from a Destiny, Ohio story: that it'll be heartfelt and sexy hot. Half Moon Hill is no exception. Each intimate scene between Anna and Duke open them up to more vulnerability, especially Duke, as the layers of his past are uncovered. This is a solid story with wonderful characters who will touch your heart." ~Terri Dukes, Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4 STARS

“Toni Blake pens such emotional and intensely moving sex scenes that they have become incomparable and they stay etched in your mind long after you've finished the book. It takes true talent to be able to evoke deep emotions while maintaining the steaminess.  Blake does a phenomenal job of creating conflict in a contemporary setting that feels real and believable and … will grab onto your heart and never let go.  A touching tale that goes beyond the usual heartbreak (and will) make you believe in love.” ~Annie Tegelan,  Fresh Fiction 

“Toni Blake is such an amazing storyteller …Ms. Blake's stories never fail to evoke deep, powerful emotions, and I know that once I've turned the final page, I'll be left with a smile on my face and a sigh in my heart.” ~Blithely Bookish

“By the end, it wrenches that wistful sigh from us, the one where we don't want the book to end, the one where we're completely satisfied, the one that delivers tip to tail a toe-curling, completely fulfilling romance.” ~Tiffany Tyler, Heroes & Heartbreakers

“The writing is delightful, the cast of characters kept my interest, and the town of Destiny made me long to visit it in real life. This is an author who really knows how to let her characters thrill and charm the readers … and how to keep her readers glued to the pages until the very end.” ~Love Romances and More

“Toni Blake has worked her magic again! The pairing of Anna and Duke is a bit of an odd couple but Blake makes their romance work so very well!” ~Leslie’s Psyche, Rating: A

“I love that, in all of the Destiny books, I expected them to be lighthearted and fluffy, but they have a deeper message. The love story in this book was hot, fun, and satisfying.  Bravo, Ms. Blake, and keep ‘em coming!” ~Gone Pecan, 4 ½ PECANS

“I can’t say enough say enough good things about this book.  It had a great plot and subplots, rich with emotions, very steamy sex scenes and a perfect fit couple. What made this such a great read is how the emotion came through so clearly.  It was thought-provoking in how you approach life and how you deal with adversity. Toni Blake is one of my favorite authors and I would highly recommend this latest story in the Destiny series.” ~Guilty Pleasures, 5 STARS

“I do not have a fave (in the series), but I will say this was one hell of a book...LOVED LOVED LOVED!!! FANTASTIC READ!” ~Bitch Can Write a Book

“Half Moon Hill gave me exactly what I expect from a Toni Blake book—sweetness mixed with a super-size of sizzle and an emotional journey that left me sighing and smiling.” ~Just Janga

“Ms. Blake does a nice job of showcasing (Duke and Anna’s) journeys. Their love story in Half Moon Hill is a nice one and I enjoyed reading about it.” ~Dear Author

“An enticing read that is hard to put down. Readers will ache for Anna and Duke while cheering them on to find a happily-ever-after.  If you love a passionate romance that combines small-town feel with sensuality, then HALF MOON HILL is just the book for you.” ~Romance Reviews Today

Blackberry Cobbler

Anna's adventures in blackberry picking lead her into Duke's path and make blackberry cobbler the signature dish of the book. Toni and her friend Lindsey had their own adventures picking blackberries and recreating Anna's cobbler just a few months after Half Moon Hill released. Find the recipe in the back of your copy of Half Moon Hill or on the Destiny series recipe page