Josie Bell has come home to Sassafras, South Carolina, out of money, out of luck—and out of gas. Seven years ago, dreaming of making it big in Nashville, she left without so much as a goodbye—even to the love of her life. So when Tanner shows up on her doorstep—muscled and sexy and making her every nerve ending shout hello—she knows it’s time to face the music. He’s the only one who ever believed she could make it as a country singer, and now she needs his help…

Tanner Rose is living the dream—he has a flourishing construction company, a supportive family, and no lack of female companionship. And even though Josie broke his heart when she left without a word, he can’t stop himself from supporting her newest scheme. It isn’t words he wants from her, though, when the passion between them builds faster than anything he’s made with hammer and nail. He’s never been able to hold her back from chasing her dreams, but what happens when her new dream is finding a way to make him trust her again?

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The Rose Brothers, Book 3

The Rose Brothers, Book 3

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