Shelby Scott is no damsel in distress—even if she is stranded by the road on the way to her new life in Sassafras, South Carolina. If only she could make her sexy savior, Jason Rose, get that through his thick, handsome head. Now he’s offering her rides to the store, trying to fix up her ramshackle cabin, and—worst of all— turning her nighttime dreams more naughty than nice.

Jace is no knight in shining armor, but growing Christmas trees for a living makes it easy to play Santa—especially for a woman who's so determined to celebrate her freedom from a troubled past that she’s made holiday decorations out of simple berries and ribbon. Jace is more than ready to pull her onto his lap and check off every item he suspects is on both their lists, but earning her trust might just take a Christmas miracle… 

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The Rose Brothers, Book 2

The Rose Brothers, Book 2

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A Note from Toni

When I wrote Brushstrokes back in the early 2000s, I always envisioned it being the first story of a trilogy featuring one of the Rose brothers in each.  So Mistletoe is a book that’s been in my head for around fifteen years, and I’m so excited to have finally found the time to write it.  I always believe stories get told when they’re supposed to, and this one truly almost wrote itself and, at the same time, became a bigger, richer story than I expected.  And as luck would have it, just last fall I took a trip to the area in South Carolina where the fictional town of Sassafras is located, which allowed me to feel much closer to the characters and their surroundings, as well as enabling me to make the setting a bigger element than I could have otherwise.  I’m quite happy with how this book turned out and hope it will make your season bright!


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