Happy Valentine's Day!

Toni at her weddingOn Friday, Toni and a number of other romance authors were part of a Valentine's Day feature at Michelle Buonfiglio's Romance: B(u)y the Book, talking about their own real-life romances and sharing wedding pictures. Toni posted this picture from her own wedding, along with this favorite wedding story:

Funny wedding story (although it didn't seem funny at the time): Because I have a name more commonly given to a boy and Blair's name is more commonly a girl's name, the minister at our wedding got confused and said, "Toni, you may kiss the bride." I was aghast - it was MY WEDDING, after all, and this guy had just messed it up - and I screamed, "IT'S BLAIR!!!" And Blair said, "Just shut up and kiss me," and the whole church cracked up. So I have this fabulous picture of us kissing while our maid of honor and best man are standing on either side of us laughing.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone is spending it with a great romance or hero of her own!

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