Destiny Cat Idol: Put Your Cat in a Toni Blake Book

It's no secret that cats and the Destiny series are a purrfect combination. One Reckless Summer had Trouble, the adorable kitten who found a home with Mick and Jenny. In Sugar Creek, Rachel and Mike ended up with the demanding stray, Shakespeare. And each subsequent Destiny book will bring a new cat into the lives of a couple about to find love. Now you can make your cat a part of Destiny in the Destiny Cat Idol Contest. Just take a picture of your cat with either One Reckless Summer or Sugar Creek (or both!) for a chance to win.

The Grand Prize includes:

  • Your cat mentioned in an upcoming Destiny book
  • a $25 Borders gift card
  • a squeaky feather boa cat toy and a sampling of all-natural cat foods

Other prizes up for grabs are an e-ARC of the next Destiny book, Whisper Falls, signed copies of One Reckless Summer and Sugar Creek, and signed coverflats for Whisper Falls.

To enter, take a picture of a cat with one (or both) of the books from the Destiny series, One Reckless Summer and Sugar Creek. Post the picture on Toni's Facebook page or email it to Don't forget to include your cat's name! Entries must be received by Monday, October 11th at midnight EST.

Like any good Idol Contest, winners will be chosen by our panel of celebrity cat judges:

Jack (cat of paranormal/fantasy author Kristen Painter)

Jack is a Siamese/tiger mix with a great love for lizards, affectionate women and anyone with a can opener. He likes long naps in the sun or in front of the monitor and despite his asthma, will run circles around anyone with four legs or two.

Bubbles "Simon is a Wuss" McFancy and Miss Cleopatra (cats of contemporary author Sophie Gunn) No, Bubbles McFancy isn't his real name. But every cat as accomplished as Bubbles needs at least four or five names. (Sleepy McLumpy, Hungry McChubbers, Fuzzy McHairball…) He enjoys all kinds of books, just so long as he can sleep on them. Bubbles is known for being a fierce critic, not shy to show his claws when displeased. Luckily, he’s usually asleep.

Miss Cleo is Bubble’s opposite in every way. She is a kind, gentle kitty, more apt to nuzzle up and purr than to attack. She loves all literature, all sleeping nooks, all people, and, well, everything. If Miss Cleo had a motto, it would be, “Mmmm….pet me some more…ahhh, yeah, right there!” She is not above being bribed with affection, treats, and dead mice.

Domenic (cat of historical author Julie Anne Long)

Domenic is a lover of sunbeams and stealer of Q-tips (perhaps because they look like mouse tails?). He has impeccable taste in literature, as his picture makes clear.