Destiny Cat Idol: The Winners!

Toni and our panel of celebrity cat judges were thrilled with the entries for the Destiny Cat Idol contest, and it's been a long week of catfighting--er, deliberation. But after much debate (and quite a lot of catnapping), the judges are excited to announce that the next Destiny Cat Idol is...

Milo!!! Submitted by Jen S., this 20-lb Maine Coon is clearly meant to be a star. As Grand Prize Winner, Milo will be mentioned in an upcoming Destiny book, as well as receive a cat toy, cat food samples & a $25 Borders Gift Card for his owner.

In case Milo is unable to fulfill his duties as Destiny Cat Idol the judges also chose three runners-up, who will each receive an e-ARC of the upcoming Destiny book, Whisper Falls:

First Runner-Up: Audrey, submitted by Manda H.

Second Runner-Up: Xander, submitted by Sarah

Third Runner-Up: Buddy, submitted by Theresa

Honorable Mentions (and a signed Toni Blake book & cat food sample) go to:

Church (submitted by Pam B.)

CP (submitted by Megan F.)

Finally, when the fur stopped flying over the decisions, each of the judges insisted on giving their own award. These special picks will each receive a signed Toni Blake book.

Jack (owner of fantasy/paranormal author Kristen Painter) chose: Tony, submitted by Laurie D.

Bubbles McFancy and Miss Cleopatra(co-owners of contemporary author Sophie Gunn) chose: Miss Kitty and her fabulous fluffy tail, submitted by Lynn H. and Max, submitted by Blanche P.

Domenic (owner of historical author Julie Anne Long) chose: Ashes, submitted by Rebecca.

Huge thanks to everyone who entered - all participants will received a signed Whisper Falls coverflat - and a special thank you to our fabulous panel of celebrity judges! Check out all the fabulous Destiny Cat Idol entries in Toni's Facebook Photos.