After Hours

Marla has just landed her dream job - in another city – when the man of her dreams, back home, falls for her. After just one amazing and steamy night in Michael’s arms, she is forced to choose – the job or the guy? How will she decide, and which one will make her more complete?

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Available in the Power of Love Anthology


You Send Me

In this short story prequel to Letters to a Secret Lover, travel back to 1957 to experience Millie’s first taste of love, desire, and sex, and see the first glimpses of the adventurous soul inside her.

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Mia Drake is a down-on-her-luck artist in need of employment. So when her aunt suggests she take a job painting a local tavern, she jumps at the chance to make some money - and maybe get cozy with the bar's hunky owner, Rick Rose. But the last thing Rick wants is any more temptations.

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Previously available in the Taking Care of Business Anthology  - currently out of print in the US.