Josie Bell has come home to Sassafras, South Carolina, out of money, out of luck—and out of gas. Seven years ago, dreaming of making it big in Nashville, she left without so much as a goodbye—even to the love of her life. So when Tanner shows up on her doorstep—muscled and sexy and making her every nerve ending shout hello—she knows it’s time to face the music. He’s the only one who ever believed she could make it as a country singer, and now she needs his help…

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Starving artist Mia Drake is starving—for a way to make money since moving back to Sassafras, South Carolina, and for a man to bring her increasingly wicked fantasies to life. The only local work for a painter is to put a fresh coat on the walls of The Rose Tavern—but that means staying professional with hunky owner Rick Rose, who’s exactly the kind of man she hungers for…

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Previously available in the Taking Care of Business Anthology

After Hours

Marla has just landed her dream job - in another city – when the man of her dreams, back home, falls for her. After just one amazing and steamy night in Michael’s arms, she is forced to choose – the job or the guy? How will she decide, and which one will make her more complete?

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Available in the Power of Love Anthology



You Send Me

In this short story prequel to Letters to a Secret Lover, travel back to 1957 to experience Millie’s first taste of love, desire, and sex, and see the first glimpses of the adventurous soul inside her.

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