One Reckless Summer

Welcome to Destiny

The perfect daughter. The perfect prom queen. The perfect wife. Jenny Tolliver’s been the good girl all her life, and it’s gotten her nowhere. Now that her marriage has been busted up by her cheating ex, she’s decided it’s time to regroup and rediscover herself. This summer she’s headed back to her hometown of Destiny, Ohio, to the very lakeshore cottage where she grew up, to figure out what life holds in store for her next.

She never dreamed the answer would be Mick Brody, Destiny’s #1 hellraiser. He comes from the wrong side of the tracks (or in his case, the lake), and he’s landed in hot water more times than he can count. He’s exactly the kind of guy Jenny’s always kept her distance from … but soon the good girl and the bad boy are caught in a raw heat that’s out of control. Too bad Mick’s got a secret that threatens to tear them apart and ruin Jenny’s perfectly, passionately reckless summer …

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A Destiny Novel, Book 1

A Destiny Novel, Book 1

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A Note from Toni

During the summer, my husband and I spend a lot of time at a local park, where we often picnic or relax in the sun in one particular spot next to a lake, with a view of the thick woods on the other side. I don’t know why, but for some reason, whenever I look at a wooded area for very long, I begin to wish I could see deeper into it, to see if the trees are hiding anything interesting. And that’s how I first got the idea for One Reckless Summer. One day at the park, as I studied the woods across the water, I began asking myself what could be concealed in those trees. And I began to envision a woman who lived in a house along the lake crossing over it in a canoe and finding someone else’s secrets there. And a story was born.

One Reckless Summer is the first book in my new Destiny series, stories all set in the same quaint small town of Destiny, Ohio, which I’m very excited about and I hope readers will follow the series as it unfolds. But here’s a little tidbit of insider information. ; ) When I wrote One Reckless Summer, I didn’t know it was going to start a series. So it was both fun and challenging to take a book meant to be a stand-alone story and find ways to build a foundation in it for an ongoing set of books and characters. So far, I’m thrilled with the outcome and I hope you will be, too!

Awards & Honors

  • A Top 5 Romance of 2009 by Eloisa James at Barnes & Noble Review.
  • 2009 Fave Contemporary Romance, Barnes & Noble’s Heart To Heart column
  • Finalist for the Bookseller’s Best Award
  • Finalist for the prestigious HOLT Medallion Award
  • Third place winner in the Judge A Book By Its Cover contest.
  • Finalist in the 2nd annual Australian Romance Readers Awards.

Reviews for One Reckless Summer

“Toni Blake's One Reckless Summer is one wild ride! This is just the book you want in your beach bag--it's sexy, emotional and filled with twists and turns that will keep the pages turning.” ~Susan Wiggs, NYT Bestselling Author

“I really loved One Reckless Summer. Seriously loved it.” ~Eloisa James, NYT Bestselling Author

“One Reckless Summer debuts an exciting romantic series that captures the intensity and passion of fated love. No one does it like Toni Blake. ~Robyn Carr, NYT Bestselling Author

“Reading it was easy, but the subjects weren’t fluffy or meaningless. It was, in a word, charming. Relaxing and right. Before summer comes to an end, treat yourself.” ~Sarah, Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“The emotional arc for the hero was different and fresh and moving.” ~Jane Litte, Dear Author

“You won’t be able to put it down!” ~Theresa, A Romance Review, 5 ROSES

“A good summer read, sure to entertain.” ~Kay James, Romance Reader at Heart

“For a great romantic summer read, One Reckless Summer really brings on the heat!” ~Leslie Halpern,

“Your heart will become involved with the people of this small town where life is simple and the residents are complex. Sexy, romantic and suspenseful, One Reckless Summer should be on everyone's summer reading list.” ~Lettetia Elsasser, Affaire de Coeur, 4 STARS

“One Reckless Summer is one book I plan to read again and again. Jenny and Mick are perfect together … their chemistry speaks for itself. Suspenseful and poignant … excellent. Having never read Toni Blake before, One Reckless Summer was an unexpected delight for me.” ~Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed 

“One of the best novels I've read this year. Outstanding … thought provoking. Honestly, I could not put this book down. An irresistible novel packed with passion and clarity. Highly recommended!” ~Jeri Neal, Romance Readers Connection

“One Reckless Summer is at turns funny, sexy, and tear-jerking. Jenny and Mick’s chemistry is flammable and … (they) find in each other something that they are each desperately in need of. I really had fun reading this book, and I’m excited about the next one in the series.” ~Katie Mack, All About Romance

“Toni excels at telling stories about everyday women who decide to break out of their protective little shells and take a chance on passion, and ultimately, love. Fans are sure to be pleased!” ~Stacy Ahlgren, Romance Novel TV, 4 ½ STARS

“An enchanting, fast-paced, hot and sexy novel.” ~Viki Farrell, Fresh Fiction

“I’ve found the perfect 2009 romantic beach read. Toni Blake’s latest is well-written, fast paced and puts the reader smack in the middle of a long, hot Destiny summer. One Reckless Summer is a bookshelf must. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss.” ~Donna, Bookishly Attentive

“A great plot. The way it ends will linger in your mind. You’ll look forward to more out-of-the-ordinary stories set in Blake’s small town.” ~Susan Mobley, Romantic Times, 4 STARS

“Emotionally charged, deeply sensual and wonderfully realistic, One Reckless Summer gives romance readers everything they could ever want in a romance. Every word she writes flows beautifully, forming a flawless plot. Bravo, Ms. Blake for another job well done.” ~Priscilla, Night Owl Reviews, 5/5 A REVIEWER TOP PICK

“The author put such a wonderful moral spin on the story as well as showed me that letting go of the past can help you build a beautiful and strong future with the person you love. I hope that readers will find themselves as enraptured as I was. With very spicy sex scenes, a very hot but very bad boy who just oozes sensuality, and a woman determined to get rid of her good girl persona, how could I not love this story?” ~Danielle, Coffee Time Romance & More, 5 CUPS

One Reckless Summer is satisfying and sexy. There is something so wonderful about seeing the stereotypical roles of “bad boy” and “good girl” coming together only to disintegrate under layers of characterization and emotion. Toni Blake blends passion and heart to create a purely enjoyable and ardent romance.” ~Sarah, Romance Junkies, 4 RIBBONS

"(A) classic good-girl-meets-bad-boy love story (with) a few twists and turns. For an effortless and enjoyable vacation beach read, pull out the lounge chair and slather on the sun tan lotion - this one is hot!" ~Niki Schoenfeldt, Curled Up With a Good Book