Reader FAQs

Where do you get your story ideas? 

This question is always difficult for me to answer, since ideas can and do come from anywhere and everywhere. However, many of my stories have grown around a particular setting that inspired me when traveling. For my Destiny series, I’m drawing largely on my small-town roots and enjoying creating stories that will intertwine and overlap in fun ways.

How long have you been writing? 

I started writing when I was ten years old and continued through high school and beyond. However, I did not begin to seek publication until my mid-twenties. I started writing romance in 1995 and sold my first book in 1998. Since then, I have worked with many wonderful editors and publishing houses and have enjoyed my career immensely.

I’m an aspiring writer. What advice can you give me? And can you read my manuscript?

Please visit my Help for Writers page, where I provide frequently asked questions on this topic, as well as a number of articles on writing craft, reading recommendations, and links to other more extensive resources. And no, I’m afraid I cannot read unpublished work, but through the Help for Writers page, you can find links to numerous, reputable freelance copyeditors.

Can you donate autographed books for my charity’s raffle basket/silent auction, etc.?

Due to the overwhelming number of requests I receive on a regular basis, I have had to start limiting the number of items I can donate. Please don’t be offended if I have to decline your request.

Do you enjoy hearing from readers?

I always enjoy hearing from readers who enjoy my books! Readers can also interact with me online by Liking my Facebook page or following me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

When is your next book coming out?

My upcoming release schedule is always listed – when available – in the right column of the Novels page.

Are your books part of a series or are they stand-alone reads?

All of my books prior to One Reckless Summer (June 2009) are stand-alone books with no connection to other books. One Reckless Summer, however, is the first book in my Destiny series, all of which take place in the same small town, and while it will be most desirable to read the Destiny books in the order written, each will be perfectly readable as a stand-alone book, as well.

How can I get a copy of your out-of-print books?

These are sometimes hard to find, but I recommend checking at your local used book store or searching for a used copy online. However, for books still in print, I greatly appreciate your support in buying new copies.