Swept Away

Five days before her wedding to a man she admires but doesn’t love, Katrina Spencer escapes to a private island. There, she can let the sun warm her body as she contemplates a future without the passion she craves. Then she lazily opens her eyes, only to see Brock Denton… muscular, half-naked, the one who got away – the one who makes her body tingle with arousal.

How Brock arrived is a mystery, but it’s clear he’s in danger. Kat faces danger, too, in the arms of a man who is determined to free her from her every inhibition with his hands, his mouth, and more!

Kat has five steamy days and five sultry nights to make up her mind – return home to a man she doesn’t love, or satisfy her wildest passions with Brock and let her herself be… swept away.

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A Note from Toni

I wish I remembered where I originally got the idea for this book ; ) The fact is, it’s been in my head a long time – hence not knowing exactly where it came from. Back in early 2000, when I first sold to Harlequin Temptation, I pitched a less-complex version of this book, but they chose not to acquire it. Now, I’m actually glad, since it gave me the opportunity to expand the story and develop the characters in ways a category book would not have allowed me to due to space considerations.

I’ve always adored the beach – I’m a total beach girl at heart – and a lot of my story ideas just naturally lead there, so I’m sure that has something to do with Swept Away’s conception. One thing I can tell you, though, is how Brock, my hero, got his name. Back when I first thought of this idea, fellow writer Lori Foster had just gotten a chihuahua named Brock. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the right name for my tough, sexy FBI guy. And no offense to Lori’s dog, but my Brock is a lot tougher than hers ; )

This book has turned out to be my favorite, at least so far. I hope readers will feel the same!

Awards & Honors

  • Picked up by both Doubleday and Rhapsody Bookclubs
  • The Road to Romance's Reviewer's Choice Award

Trivia & Extras

  • Swept Away launched the imprint Avon Red, a new line of trade-size erotica novels. Novels that "take readers farther than they've gone before, exploring fantasies that have no limits."
  • Swept Away is now available as an Audio download. For more info and a list of online retailers, visit HarpoerCollins.com.
  • Get the book soundtrack as an iTunes iMix (above) or from Amazon.com (below).
  • Just for fun, check out Kat Spencer's Desert Island Survival Kit. She limited it to a list of only ten items (never let it be said that she can't be frugal).
  • Swept Away will soon be published in Japan.

Reviews for Swept Away

“The more I read of Toni Blake’s work, the higher the regard I have for her talent. From page one, Blake creates empathy for the characters she pens, engendering a feeling within the reader that they are a part of the story, instead of being on the outside looking in. You don’t read a story by this writer as much as you feel it. In my opinion, that is the mark of a truly great author. I highly recommend Swept Away!” ~Jennifer Ray, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques, 5 CLOVERS

“An excellently crafted tale of star-crossed lovers. A supremely satisfying read.” ~Heather Nordahl Files, Affaire de Coeur

“Well-developed characters enrich Blake's tale of passion, adventure and mystery. The love scenes are increasingly passionate and tender as the two protagonists draw closer together.” ~Keitha Hart, Romantic Times Book Review

“Ms. Blake sweeps her reader away with danger, intrigue, memories, powerful chemistry and ultimately friendship between the characters, as well as a smooth flowing story that is superbly written. Swept Away is steamy, mouth-watering, fun, character-driven and a true page-turner. A recipient of The Road to Romance’s Reviewers Choice Award, this one-sitting read will leave you breathless. Take the wild ride with Toni Blake and be swept away!” ~Tracey West, Road to Romance

“A fun, heart-rending love story with an exciting plot, only made richer by the emotional arcs and sub-plots involving secondary characters. A great romance with wildly erotic sensuality.” ~ Michelle Buonfiglio, WNBC’s Romance B(u)y the Book, 4 ¼ stars

“I loved Swept Away!” ~John Charles, Booklist

“SWEPT AWAY kept me breathless until the end. With well-developed characters and a plot full of surprises, Ms. Blake is truly a master at her craft. She never fails to deliver a sexy, sophisticated read. I highly recommend this book!” ~Lacey, Romance Junkies, 5 BLUE RIBBONS

“The writing borders on extraordinary. Blake breathes life into Brock and Kat. Blake’s flair for sexy contemporary romance is undeniable.” ~HelenKay Dimon, Paperback Reader

“No one can write a contemporary romance like Toni Blake. From the first word of the first page ofSwept Away, the sexual tone is set for the entire book—and it gets better with every page! She brings her characters to life and leaves a reader wanting more with every word they read!” ~Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader at Heart, TOP PICK

“Avon Red celebrates fall with their first single title release, Swept Away, by the mega talented Toni Blake. From the first scene, Toni Blake grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. Toni Blake creates characters that leap from the page and into your heart (as) Ms. Blake builds her story to perfection. The perfect blend of hot sex and good old-fashioned romance, Toni Blake’s Swept Away will be hard for Avon Red to top.” ~Barbara Smith, A Romance Review, 5 Roses

“This red hot read is beyond entertaining! Ms. Blake is an awesome talent and once again has created one of the hottest heroes in print today. This is one you must add to your reading list - you will be "swept away" for sure!” ~Kristi Ahlers, The Best Reviews

“Ms. Blake's characters are well written and quickly pull you into the story. The story is full of action, danger, suspense, passion, a great setting, and characters that leave you eager for more. Plenty of steam and a lot of heat, but all of it is backed up by a plot that keeps you quickly turning pages. I highly recommend this great story and eagerly await more from this author.” ~Wendy Keel, The Romance Readers Connection, 4 ½

“Although described as erotica, this novel is more than that. Yes, it has romance and includes sex scenes, but it also has mystery and intrigue along with a woman’s search for self. Entertaining and a pleasant read.” ~Beauty and Lace

“A very sexy story (with) its share of bad guys and suspense and plenty of passion ... very hot. Add all this together and you have a great read which I truly enjoyed.” ~Donna Doyle, Romance Reviews

“Swept Away is chock full of danger, love, passion and betrayal … (in) a gripping story … that I simply couldn’t put down. Kat and Brock are so life-like that I came to know them intimately. Perfect for those that like spice and action with a passionate romance!” ~Lyonene, Joyfully Reviewed, A Recommended Read

“After reading this sizzler, you'll sure want to find the nearest island in search of a Brock. Toni Blake certainly took me there with her wonderful writing talent.” ~D.D. Blackman, Romance Divas, 4 ½ KISSES

“This story rocks with excitement from the beginning! (An) incredible read that will sweep readers away to paradise!” ~Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance, 4 CUPS

“Swept Away is a compelling mix of truly deep emotions. Brock was a fantastic bad boy while Kat truly shone as the heroine. The sexual tension sent shivers down my spine. Brava, Ms. Blake, brava.” ~Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 ANGELS

“This torrid romantic suspense thriller is at its delightful best when the lead couple shares intimate interludes. Toni Blake provides a fun tale!” ~Harriet Klausner, 5 STARS

“A full throttle romance and suspense thriller. Wonderful writing weaves all of the elements together seamlessly with great dialogue and a romantic setting. A terrific story that readers won’t want to miss, Swept Away is a highly recommended winner!” ~Jennell, Romance Reviews Today