Take Me All The Way

You can't go too far when you're fighting for love . . .

Tamra Day swore off men a long time ago. Her art, her friends, and her garden have always been enough . . . until now. Suddenly, Tamra is aching for a connection. Unfortunately, Coral Cove's most eligible bachelor is the troublemaker who's building the mini-golf course she's designing. Brusque and sarcastic, he's made a habit of annoying Tamra. But more infuriating is the fact that Tamra can't help noticing how sexy he is.

They call him a war hero, but Jeremy Sheridan knows better. Still haunted by painful memories from Afghanistan, he's just hoping for a fresh start. So far, the only problem is his new boss, Tamra, a control freak who's easy on the eyes—and way too fun to tease.

Despite their differences, Tamra and Jeremy aren't as alone as they think they are. And together, with a little Coral Cove magic, they'll discover how good it feels to embrace a bright new future.




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A Note From Toni

See Jeremy's first appearance in  Half Moon Hill

See Jeremy's first appearance in Half Moon Hill

Almost as soon as Jeremy Sheridan was introduced to readers in HALF MOON HILL, I started getting requests from readers to write his story.  But to be honest, I wasn't that sure Jeremy had an important story to tell.  He was a great guy, well-adjusted, home town hero, had everything in the world going for him - and that just didn't make him very interesting to me as a writer. After all, I generally write stories about healing and transformation - and this guy seemed just fine the way he was.  Until . I began to think a little deeper and ask myself some questions about Jeremy.  What if he has secrets? What if his confident war hero persona is just an act?  What if he's just covering up his pain in order to live up to other people's expectations of him?  And then, dear reader, a story was born.

And once I started writing, once I started digging down into this new, wounded Jeremy I was discovering beneath the surface . well, it surprised me how attached I got to the characters of Jeremy and Tamara, and how much I truly loved telling their story and letting their relationship evolve. 

Another notable aspect of this book is that it ties up Fletcher's story, which has a three-book arc starting back in ALL I WANT IS YOU.  Fletcher is one of the most unique and insightful characters I've ever created, and I loved getting to revisit him and hope readers will enjoy seeing how things turn out for him.

And lastly, though I've mentioned this elsewhere, it may interest readers to know that the town of Coral Cove is based very loosely on Clearwater Beach, Florida - but not so much as it looks now as it looked around thirty years ago.  If you're familiar with the area at all, it's undergone massive changes in that time, many very appealing.  But as a frequent visitor over that time span, I will admit I miss the Clearwater Beach that was a little smaller and had more of an old-time beach town feel.  So the fictional town of Coral Cove is my homage to the Clearwater Beach of yesteryear.

Reviews for Take Me All The Way

"By giving Jeremy's backstory and artfully describing his tense reactions to crowds, Blake creates a fully fleshed-out character. Sex scenes sizzle, and emotional encounters resonate with honest feelings. The theme of forgiving oneself adds depth." ~ Publisher's Weekly

"The romance between the characters is poignant and real, giving readers a story to get completely caught up in.  Blake has written another winner!" ~Terri Dukes, Romantic Times Book Review, 4 STARS

"Blake explores her character's fears so deeply that you can't help but get lost in them. There are pages and pages of inspiring moments, captured so beautifully that it almost feels like magic." ~Under the Covers, 5 STARS, TOP PICK

"Because of the sheer joy I found in reading Take Me All the Way, I Joyfully Recommend it for a frolicking good time lounging on the beach!  However, be warned that it isn’t to be taken lightly, because if you look beyond the surface, you may just find hints of yourself in these two protagonists or perhaps of those you love." ~Joyfully Reviewed, JOYFULLY RECOMMENDED READ