The Bewitching Hour

Trick or Treat...

A sexy costume, a mysterious mask, and a wild Halloween party were supposed to help Julie feel like a new woman after her painful breakup. But instead she’s feeling every bit as witchy as her costume would suggest—especially when she can’t seem to escape a flirtatious guy in a skeleton suit. She can’t see his face, but the seductive smile and his aggressive flirtation tell her he’s trouble…

Scott can’t help but openly admire the way the witch’s curves fill out her dress, and a Halloween mask makes it easy to be bold. But make no bones about it, her reactions are more confusing than a fun house maze—one moment she’s offended, the next she’s melting in his arms. When they end up trapped in a haunted house together, will things get scary...or steamy?



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A Note from Toni

The original cover for  The Bewitching Hour , when it was released under the title  October Moon

The original cover for The Bewitching Hour, when it was released under the title October Moon

I’m so delighted to have a new, expanded edition of this book available for readers!  The Bewitching Hour is one of the very first romance novels I ever wrote, back in the mid 90s.  The inspiration for it was simple – I wanted to write a funny, sexy, and of course romantic book about all the amusements and absurdities of Halloween.  And I threw in a twist – the entire story takes place in 24 hours!  Fun, right?  Challenging for me as a writer, but even now, I really love the way this story unfolded.  

The book sold the very day it was received by Kensington back in 1998 and was released in October of that year with the title October Moon.  It was also shortened considerably to fit the length parameters the publisher was using at the time.  In this new edition, the book has been restored to its original length, and we’ve given it a fun new title that I think fits the story perfectly!  Turns out there are very few Halloween-themed romances, so if you love romance novels and you love Halloween, this book was tailor-made for you!