The Giving Heart

Spend a white Christmas on Summer Island, where the fires are warm and the romance is hotter.

Lila Sloan is house-sitting for her sister, Meg, who owns an inn on Summer Island—it seemed like the perfect getaway. Now Lila wonders why she ever thought spending Christmas alone on an isolated island was a good idea. To make matters worse, local real estate developer Beck Grainger is trying to cut down the beautiful trees that line Meg’s property. Lila can’t let this happen; Meg will never forgive her.

Beck can understand Lila’s anger—sort of. The trees are on the neighboring property, not Meg’s, and the land was zoned for residential use months ago. His plans were no secret. He dislikes being at odds with his friend’s sister, though, especially because Lila is appealing in every way: loyal, quick-witted and completely stunning. 

Lila hates that she’s so attracted to Beck, who seems like a genuinely good man, despite his tree-murdering tendencies. And their chemistry is off the charts. She just wishes he’d let this development go. As Summer Island counts down to a snowy Christmas, Lila and Beck will have to strike a compromise that seems impossible for them both—or risk losing the best thing either of them has ever had.

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A Summer Island novel, book 2

A Summer Island novel, book 2

Available October 29, 2019

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