The Guy Next Door


Holly Blake has gotten used to doing things on her own. Working full-time, caring for a house, raising her six-month-old daughter Emily—and now attempting her own car maintenance. So when her sexy next-door neighbor stops by to lend a hand, Holly starts to think about something else she could do for herself. Maybe she could seduce him…

Construction worker Derek Cassidy is undeniably drawn to the beautiful widow, so when she begins her tentative seduction, he’s a goner. But there’s one thing Derek knows for sure—he’s not daddy material. He has no intention of playing a permanent role in the quaint family scene next door, but how is he supposed to keep Holly’s eager embraces and Emily’s baby smiles from getting a hold on his heart?  

The Guy Next Door was originally published under the title Baby Love in 1998. This edition has been significantly expanded and revised.  



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A Note From Toni

The original 1998 cover of  The Guy Next Door , when it was published under the title  Baby Love .

The original 1998 cover of The Guy Next Door, when it was published under the title Baby Love.

When I originally wrote The Guy Next Door, I considered it my “requisite baby book.”  Back in the 90s when I was getting my start, there were a lot of specific themes in romance novels, and babies were one of them, so it was both fun and challenging (because I don’t have any kids of my own and actually had to research all the baby parts) to write this book.  As I read back over the book in preparation for this new edition, I was struck by the heroine’s internal conflict which, again, is a product of the time the book was written.  Although it’s very commonly accepted now for a woman to juggle a career and family, back then it still bordered on controversial. 

Although The Guy Next Door is very different than my current books, readers will find the usual hot, sexy hero, steamy passion, a lot of humor, and what I personally think is a very funny kitten.  I’d totally forgotten about the cat in this book until I was preparing it for re-release, but I think he’s one of my favorite cats in all of my books – and that’s really saying something.

Like The Cinderella Scheme, due to publisher length restrictions back when the book was first on the shelves, the original manuscript was heavily edited and cut.  So I’m delighted to be able to present this full-length, expanded edition to readers!