The Mandy Project

Professional matchmaker Mindy McCrae has her work cut out for her. She has a ninety-five percent success rate helping others find true love, but Benton Maxwell III is about to drop that stat like a stone. His list of qualities he’d like in a woman looks like it came straight out of the 1950s. If Mindy can’t find the perfect woman? She’ll become the perfect woman…and show Benton what he really wants.

Benton has no complaints about being set up with his matchmaker’s twin, Mandy…especially when she’s not only identically gorgeous, but seems to be every bit the traditional woman his conservative family will expect. Until she impulsively pulls him into a dance club and shows him moves that drive them both wild.

Mindy had no idea Benton would actually be attracted to her wildness—or that the chemistry between them would be so intense. She gave Benton his promised date—now it's time to retire her "twin" for good. But handsome Benton is crazy about Mandy and wants a chance to prove he can be her perfect match. And the customer is always right...

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A Note From Toni

The original 2003 cover and title

The original 2003 cover and title