The Perfect Mistake

Penny Halloran had the perfect plan. Her boyfriend proposed, but they’ve never… Well, before she makes a decision, she needs to see if they’re…compatible. So she’ll leave him a note he can’t ignore, whisk him into a darkened limo, do her best to bring out his wild side, and then say yes. But her wholehearted “yes!” doesn’t get the reaction she expects…because the guy she just seduced isn’t her fiancé!

 Be ready for anything. Reformed playboy Ryan Pierce thought that he was. But he never imagined that the cute restaurant owner who left the flirtatious note was his boss’s girlfriend—or that the note wasn’t for him. No matter how amazing their encounter was, continuing to see her could cost Ryan his job. But then why does it feel like the biggest mistake might be letting her go? 



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A Note From Toni

The original 2002 cover and title

The original 2002 cover and title

This book was originally conceived back in the early 2000s when my editor at the time suggested I write a book for Harlequin Temptation's Wrong Bed mini-series. It was more of a "sexy romp" than any of my other books in that period, and many readers seemed to gravitate to that. A fun aspect of the book for me was setting the story in Cincinnati, where I live. It allowed me to add a lot of fun area details that local readers may especially enjoy.  I also loved the original cover of this book. I requested Cameron Mathison  since I knew he'd posed for a few Temptation covers in the past, and although you can't quite see his face, it’s him – I know for sure because he once signed a copy of the book for me. J  Time marches on, though, and for this new edition we wanted a cute new title and a new cover to match.  So even though I had to give up Cameron Mathison, I definitely adore this cover!