The Weekend Wife

Danger. Desire. Deception.

Private Investigator Max Tate needs a wife—but only long enough to entrap a wily jewel thief who has been preying on wealthy couples. The last woman he wants for the role is beautiful Kimberly Brandt, who has already ruined his career—and stomped all over his heart—once, but pretend millionaires can’t be choosers, and it’s only for a weekend…

Kimberly will do anything to prove she’s a capable P.I., even act as bait for a slimy crook—and act the adoring wife of the man who broke her heart. But sharing a bed may be a step too far, especially when Kimberly remembers all too well the heat she and Max generated between the sheets. They’re playing a risky game, toying with a hardened criminal, but the biggest danger may be the way they’re deceiving themselves…



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A Note From Toni

The original 2000 cover and title

The original 2000 cover and title


This was my first book originally published through the Harlequin Temptation line, and selling to Harlequin was a big deal for me at the time – they were a tough nut to crack and I’d submitted many books to them that they’d rejected.  It took a year from the time I submitted this one to get an offer from them, so you can imagine my elation!  My elation flattened out just a little, however, when the book was given the unfortunate title Hotbed Honey.  In fact, I’m not even sure what that means. ;) But be that as it may, I loved this book then, and I love it now – and I’m so excited to bring this new, expanded version to readers with a beautiful new cover and fun title.  Max and Kimberly are one of my favorite couples I’ve ever written, and this dip into the world of danger and detectives and intrigue – spiced with the comedy of a classic caper – was fun to revisit while we created this lovely new edition.  I hope readers will adore these characters and their adventure as much as I do!