Wildest Dreams

previously published under the title In Your Wildest Dreams

Stephanie Grant’s first step onto the secret third floor of Chez Sophia frightens her…and strengthens her resolve. Here in New Orleans, in this luxurious world of beautiful women, wealthy men, and heady champagne, she's about to begin a perilous charade to find her missing sister. But her most reckless—and thrilling—journey will be surrendering to the spell of one man's desire.

Her guide will be Jake Broussard, the bartender and ex-cop who immediately sees through her act and becomes her ally. As his eyes and soft Cajun accent send her senses reeling, she'll find herself experiencing pleasure for the very first time in her life…and losing control. Her defenses are about to slip away with her satin gown and her lacy lingerie, baring her body and soul.

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A Note from Toni

In July 2001, I attended the Romance Writers of America's national conference in New Orleans. While there, I attended the Harlequin party, which was held at Muriel's, a restaurant on Jackson Square. This is a gorgeous and truly unique place—particularly the second floor party rooms where our soiree was held.

To avoid the crush of the crowd, since the place was packed, a few companions and I found ourselves retreating to an absolutely gorgeous and utterly seductive little room tucked away from the main party areas. “The red room,” as I thought of it from that night on, was filled with red sofas overflowing with red velvet pillows and red silken bolsters, and lowly lit by lamps with red fringed shades. Historic paintings with a sensual feel draped the walls, and everything about the room felt lush and seductive. My friends and I jokingly agreed that the room made us think of a bordello. The room also happened to be, by far, the coolest place on the second floor, the rest of which had grown quite warm given the number of people there.

I ended up spending the rest of the evening in that room (pictured to the right). I just couldn't make myself leave. Already, I knew I had to set a book there, and that a seduction had to take place in the room. That idea provided the earliest kernel of an idea for In Your Wildest Dreams, and the rest grew from there.


Awards & Honors

  • Finalist for the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence
  • Recipient of the Beacon Award
  • Romance Reader at Heart's Top Pick Award


Reviews for (In Your) Wildest Dreams

“Blake's writing is smooth and sensuous, evoking vivid images. The Cajun flavor of the region infuses the novel, making the setting a character by itself. This story is both a hot read and a romantic one, with an immediately sympathetic heroine and an unusually sexy, multidimensional hero.” ~ Marilyn Weigel, Romantic Times Bookclub, 4 STARS

“With sizzling sensuality and amazing depth, a book by Toni Blake is truly special!” ~ New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster

“Toni Blake writes powerfully erotic stories.” ~ Stella Cameron, New York Times bestselling author

“From the first word of the first paragraph, you will not want to put this book down. Ms. Blake writes a book of blatant, mouthwatering sensuality and heart-stopping love without missing a beat. It is the good old-fashioned, heart-stopping, earth shattering love that, for many of us, is the reason we read romance. Ms. Blake gives us beautiful, sexy characters (and) a storyline that ... will bring you to tears at times. Toni Blake has made a fan of me with IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.” ~ Kristal Gorman, Romance Reader at Heart, TOP PICK AWARD

“Reader fans can always count on a great read with one of Toni Blake’s books, and In Your Wildest Dreams is no exception. Steamy, sizzling, character-driven, and a page-turner, this is one of those stories that captures you from the first page. Leaves the reader with that ‘touched-the-heart’ feeling. A definite ‘don’t miss this one’ recommend!” ~ Kari, A Romance Review, 4 1/2 ROSES

“Toni Blake has written exactly the type of contemporary romance I want to read with engaging characters, sizzling chemistry and a touching storyline. Don't miss Toni Blake's unique and memorable IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!” ~ Patricia Rouse, Rouse's Romance Readers Groups

“Revealing the weaknesses and strengths, the fears and daring, and the failures and triumphs of her strong characters, Toni Blake brings this passionate, many layered story to a powerful climax. Don't miss it!” ~ Lucele Coutts, NovelTalk

“Toni blake has done it again. A great book! Sexy, touching, dark, emotional. Fantastic. And Jake, the hero, is a real stunner - red-blooded and big-hearted, a true Cajun male to the core.” ~ J.R. Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Hot, hot, hot! Ms. Blake takes you on a ride that grabs you from page one and will not let you go until the end. I was hooked and I am looking forward to her next book. Absolutely exciting and HOT!” ~Jenni Brooks, The Best Reviews

“This was a great read. Steamy, sensual, with just the right amount of suspense to keep the reader engaged. Ms. Blake has established that she has what it takes to create stories that a reader will want to pick up. I highly recommend this fast-paced read and I look forward to her next offering.” ~ Kristi Ahlers, Romance Designs

“Toni Blake has another hit on her hands with IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS. Jake is a wonderfully damaged man who doesn't even know that he needs healing. Stephanie is an awe-inspiring character who is amazing. I was enthralled by the sparks between Jake and Stephanie and loved the fast-paced plot. The way that Ms. Blake skillfully took these ingredients and whipped up a fabulous book is nothing short of awesome. Well done!” ~ Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 ANGELS

“A sizzling hot romance (with) a missing persons story to keep the reader guessing. Those who like their romances sexy and suspenseful will not be disappointed.” ~ Marie Hashima Lofton, Bookloons

“A scorcher! A romance well worth the reader's time. If you are a fan of romance and mystery - or just in the mood to take a walk on the steamy side - give IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS a try. You won't regret it!” ~ Beverly Forehand, Round Table Reviews

“A fantastic story … the book's so hot it sizzles! And Jake is the perfect hunk. The author deserves great praise for this book!” ~ Romance Review Magazine

“Sinfully erotic. I love Stephanie's strong willed character (and her) loyalty. (Jake's) need to care for those around him make him a very attractive hero. The sexual tension between Stephanie and Jake is as sultry as the New Orleans night air. Get a copy of IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS a because it's wilder than you can imagine!” ~ Joy, Joyfully Reviewed

“Sizzling setting, passionate sex, hot storyline. The stuff of hot, passionate dreams.” ~ Sabrina Marino, Fresh Fiction

“If you love the dark eroticism of Jaid Black and Shannon McKenna, combined with engrossing romance and a dash of adventure, discover the sensuality of Toni Blake. This is a book sure to warm you up on a chilly winter evening.” ~ Rendezvous Books

“Pick up a copy and let the summer breeze cool you off from this steamy story.” ~ Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited

“Hot, seductive and alluring action draws the reader in until the last page. The characters are so engaging that ... it is hard to forget them. Truly touching ... extremely powerful. This book has heart…you cannot go wrong in reading it. A keeper!” ~ Coffee Time Romance, 5 CUPS

“Once again Toni Blake proves she has the right touch in creating characters that draw you in. With fiery love scenes as hot as Cajun cooking, Ms. Blake has written a scorcher of a book ... a riveting read!” ~Patti Fischer, Romance Reviews Today


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