You Send Me

The daughter of an over-protective father, Millicent Anderson has never been permitted an ounce of freedom – her father has kept her completely sheltered from boys, and even quashed her dream of being a teacher. But when a family trip leads her to tiny Moose Falls, Montana and she catches sight of bad boy Johnny Pickett, her heart flips – and before Millie knows it, she’s breaking all the rules to be near him. In Johnny’s arms, Millie discovers passion, and Millie is just what Johnny needs to heal after war. When Millie’s father tries to separate them by dangling her old dreams before her, however, she’s forced to make a choice: Will she choose the love of her family and the opportunity to build a career – or will she leave everything behind for the hot guy she’s fallen for?

In this short story prequel to Letters to a Secret Lover, travel back to 1957 to experience Millie’s first taste of love, desire, and sex, and see the first glimpses of the adventurous soul inside her.

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A Note from Toni

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  • You Send Me is the short story prequel to Letters to a Secret Lover.
  • This story is available for immediate downloading at all major eBook retailers.

Reviews for "You Send Me"

“YOU SEND ME brought tears to my eyes. The complete love and adoration between Millie and Johnny has a feeling of innocence while still being sensual and downright sexy. I have read this enticing and passion filled love story more than once. For fans of LETTERS TO A SECRET LOVER, this prequel is just icing on the cake to a heady and beautiful love story.” ~Natalie S., Romance Junkies, 4 BLUE RIBBONS

“Although a novella, YOU SEND ME is no less poignant for the brief length. We feel the magic between these lovers that binds them more surely in a few weeks than years together could ever do. YOU SEND ME is a wonderful little tryst!” ~Jennifer Ray, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques, 5 CLOVERS